Getting you from Pissed to Bliss

Helping you move past anger and overcome difficult relationships Free 4 steps for moving from pissed to bliss
I am ...

I am ...

a communicator, positivity enthusiast, and wanna-be humorist that loves to understand and help you travel the human experience of relating.

Have you been pissed at someone lately?

Since as far as I can remember all I wanted was for people, especially my family and friends, to get along and that they treated each other fairly.

I am not sure if it was my fear of conflict or just a deep desire to see the people closest to me happy in their relationships with one another.

As an adult, I noticed I became the go to advisor on “how to get along with so and so” or “how not to go off on this person,” for my colleagues, family, and friends.

What I realized in all these years of talking with others about their relationship is that at the end of the day all we want is to experience true connection with others, be heard and seen for who we really are, and feel that we matter.

“I am here to help you move past anger and overcome difficult relationships so you can live a happier, more peaceful life. ”               

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