Relationship Harmony

Getting you to Honest, Happy, and Connected in your Relationships
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I am ...

I am ...

a Relationship Therapist, Coach, and Mediator that helps people overcome struggles in their relationships and get them to feeling honest, happy and connected with the people that matter most.

Relationships got you feeling sad, anxious, or resentful?

Is your relationship with your partner making you sad and feeling alone?

Are you exhausted of fighting to be heard and understood by your Boo?

Do you feel that you won’t be able to trust again, due to an infidelity or betrayal?

Maybe you are feeling drained from juggling a sense of guilt and resentfulness towards your mother?

Or is it an overbearing family and all their expectations that has you anxious?

Are you feeling embarrassed and disappointed of the way you are reacting to the people closest to you? 

Or are you secretly struggling with your sense of worth and value in your relationship?

You are not the only one going through this, I met hundreds of people facing these same issues.     The good news is that relationships don’t have to be so difficult and stressful,                 especially if you ready to end the struggle. 

“Allow me to help you experience your most honest, happy, and connected relationships.”

With sprinkles of humor and utilizing my training and experience in conflict resolution, relational therapy, and solution-focused practices; I will support you in gaining the harmony you desire in the relationships that matter most.           

Please visit the “Work With Me” tab to schedule your FREE clarity call and let’s explore how     I can help you get to honest, happy, connected in all your relationship.