Hey Chica! I am so happy to meet you …

My passion is to serve women of color who are unhappy in one or several of their relationships.

I am a communicator, positivity enthusiast, and wanna-be humorist who loves to understand and help women travel the human experience of relating from a space of self, power, and balance.

As a mother, daughter, sister,  friend, coworker, and divorcee I have had my share of relationship pain and difficulties that I learned to overcome with grace and compassion.           I’ve helped coach hundreds of people out of their unwanted emotions and into peace, calm, and and serenity.

I am also:

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Certified Family Mediator

Fluent in Spanish

Trained in Solution Focused Coaching

With sprinkles of humor and utilizing my training in strength-based therapeutic practices, I will support you in regaining your power in your relationships while uncovering what is keeping you from getting where you want to go and develop actionable solutions to get you there.

When I am not frolicking on the Relationship Harmony Facebook page, you will find me nuzzling in my bed with the newest edition of the O Magazine, trying to convince my children that one more hour of cartoons will do them good.